Dalcroze Canada Certification Program

Dalcroze Canada is recognized by the Institut Jaques-Dalcroze and FIER (Fédération Internationale des Enseignants de Rythmique) as an official Dalcroze training centre in Canada.  Working closely with Louise Mathieu, Diplôme Supérieur and our Director of Studies, the DSC has established its own curriculum for teachers at the Certificate level, which follows the program developed by Diplomates Sandra Nash (Australia) and Karin Greenhead (United Kingdom) specifically for those who train through part-time or intensive courses.  These courses currently run in Australia, the UK, Italy, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand.  The DSC is pleased to offer the program in Canada through various weekly modules throughout the year, and an annual Summer Intensive Course.

Training and Qualifications in Canada - The Dalcroze Certificate

In order to spread the Dalcroze work throughout Canada, we need teachers who understand the philosophy and who are competent to incorporate it within their profession as well as those who train to become Dalcroze teachers.

The Dalcroze Certificate program in Canada involves three levels of training:

Foundation Level
Introduction to Dalcroze.  Although Level 1 training does not entitle the holder to teach Dalcroze Euthythmics, it represents a substantial introduction to Eurhythmics and Dalcroze teaching methods and is the first step towards certification.

Intermediate Level
Entitles the holder to state that they use Dalcroze within his/her profession.

Certificate Level
The Dalcroze Certificate entitles the holder to teach beginners (children or adults) and to call him/herself a Dalcroze teacher.

As there is no full-time course available for Dalcroze studies in Canada, the only way to gain qualification is through attendance at national and international summer programs and workshops. For this reason it is essential for a candidate on a training track to keep a register of all courses attended as well as a journal of lessons done. Those who apply to do the training need to be able to provide adequate evidence if they wish to seek recognition of prior learning. The DSC has created a Dalcroze “Training Passport” to help certification candidates track all completed lessons.

The Dalcroze approach is highly individual and as a result, it is not possible to say how long it takes to complete a certain level. A student’s progress is based on previous experiences in music, movement and improvisation and overall suitability for the work. A candidate's application to take an exam is subject to the approval of teachers who have had a chance to observe responses across a range of music and movement activities.

DSC Certificate Requirements - Overview

For each level of training, candidates are required to successfully complete a practical examination each in Eurhythmics, Solfège and Improvisation. To be eligible to take the examinations, candidates must complete the pre-requisite coursework hours taught by a Diplôme or Licentiate holder.  In addition, candidates must enroll in at least one DSC Summer Course to be eligible to take the exams through the DSC.

In addition to the practical examinations, candidates are required to submit written assignments and, where required, video tapes of children eurhythmics classes. The portfolio will be reviewed by a panel of adjudicators and discussed individually with each candidate.

The following provides a brief outline of the basic requirements for each level. Please note that this list is not exhaustive; registered certification candidates will receive a syllabus with complete details on curriculum requirements.

Foundation Level

  • Coursework Hours: 75 hours (taught by Diplôme or License holders)
  • Examinations each in: 1) Eurhythmics; 2) Solfège; 3) Improvisation
  • Written Work:
    • Create a portfolio of exercises learnt explaining how they are done and why
    • A list of repertoire used in the course
    • Personal reflection essay of the student’s own learning in Dalcroze classes
    • Additional assignments as part of pre-requisite coursework as necessary

Intermediate Level

  • Pre-requisite(s): Successful completion of Level 1 or equivalent status or permission of the DSC
  • Coursework Hours:  75 hours (taught by Diplôme or License holders)
  • Examinations each in: 1) Eurhythmics; 2) Solfège; 3) Improvisation
  • Written Work:
    • Create a portfolio of exercises learnt using drawings explaining how they are done and why
    • A list of repertoire used in the course
    • Personal reflection essay of the student’s own learning in Dalcroze classes
    • Examples of application of Dalcroze work in the student’s own work
    • Brief discussion of the Dalcroze Subjects: accent, anacrusis, association/dissociation, phrase and phrasing, form, syncopation and cross-rhythm, nuance, reaction/response
    • Additional assignments as part of pre-requisite coursework as necessary

Certificate Level

  • Pre-requisite(s): Successful completion of Level 2 or equivalent status or permission of the DSC
  • Coursework Hours:  75 hours.  Note: All courses at this level must be taught by a Diplôme holder
  • Examinations each in: 1) Eurhythmics; 2) Solfège; 3) Improvisation
  • Written Work:
    • Continuation of written work from Levels 1 & 2
    • Portfolio of warm-up exercises
    • In-depth analysis and discussion of two Dalcroze subjects including the subject in relation to: Life, the Arts, Music, Teaching.
    • Portfolio of games and exercises for teaching
    • 10 sequenced lesson plans for rhythmics classes, solfège classes or mixed classes for beginners
    • Additional assignments as part of pre-requisite coursework in Eurhythmics, Solfege and Improvisation as necessary
  • Teaching Applications:
    • Submit a DVD portfolio demonstrating the application of Dalcroze principles in two beginner eurhythmics classes (children or adults).  Ideally, the classes should be with the same group.
    • Observation reports of eurhythmics classes taught by other teachers

The Accreditation of Required Coursework Hours

Certification candidates may attend courses and workshops taught by a recognized Diplôme or License holder at an accredited Dalcroze training centre, domestically and abroad. To qualify for accreditation, the signature of the instructor-in-charge and the number of coursework hours fulfilled must be recorded in the coursework verification form issued by the DSC (Dalcroze Passport). The content of the classes and lectures must be specialized in the Dalcroze method as music education.

Registration and Examination Fees

All certification candidates wishing to take their exams in Canada must also register with the Dalcroze Society of Canada, regardless of whether they are Society members.

Registration Fees

The registration fees cover the cost to administer and coordinate the DSC training program.  The coursework verification form (Dalcroze Passport) and the Dalcroze Certification Handbook will be issued upon registration.

  • Foundation Level - $110
  • Intermediate Level - $70
  • Certificate Level - $70

Note:  Candidates must re-register for the each level of advancement.

To register for the Certification program, please click here to download a copy of the application form.

Examination Fees

In addition to the registration fees, certification candidates must remit examination fees appropriate to their level of training.  Examinations will be held bi-annually and juried by a minimum of two Diplôme holders.  The fees cover the examiners’ time and expenses.  Candidates may take any of the practical exams (eurhythmics, solfège, improvisation) individually, or all three at once during an examination period.  Candidates may re-take any portion of the exams at subsequent examination periods.

Examination fees are determined during the year exams are offered. Please visit our website for updates.

International Dalcroze Training Centres

Dalcroze Teacher Training from Certificate to License level is available at several universities and conservatoires world-wide. In the English-speaking world there are major training centres in the USA, United Kingdom and Australia. Most of these schools offer some form of financial assistance for International Students. For further information on these courses, click here or visit www.fier.com

Advanced Dalcroze Teacher Training Programs
The Dalcroze License and the Dalcroze Diplôme Supérieur

The Dalcroze License
Following the successful completion of the Dalcroze Certificate, the Dalcroze License entitles the holder to teach Eurhythmics at an advanced level such as in a university or conservatory.

(Note: This program is currently unavailable through the DSC.  Please consult the list of International Dalcroze training centres for available License programs)

The Dalcroze Diplôme Supérieur
The “Diplôme Supérieur” is the highest award in Dalcroze Teacher Training. It is awarded by the Jaques-Dalcroze Institute in Geneva, Switzerland and endorses the holder as a master teacher and examiner. Diplôme holders may train and examine others for Certificate and License levels.

Please email Cheng-Feng Lin, Co-Director of Studies, Dalcroze Society of Canada at: [email protected] for further information about courses, workshops, and summer schools throughout Canada and around the world.