Dalcroze Canada

Dalcroze Canada is a registered charity dedicated to the purpose of advancing education by promoting and developing the artistic and pedagogical principles of Émile Jaques-Dalcroze in Canada. This is achieved through educational workshops and courses, publications, consultative assistance, and the encouragement of local chapters throughout Canada.

Dalcroze Canada offers the only accredited Dalcroze Certification Training in Canada.

The Dalcroze Canada Executive Team


Carol Bauman, President

Sharon Dutton

Mélina Dalaire

Stephen Ruttan

Anita Lin


Sharon Dutton, Editor, Vice President

Mélina Dalaire, Secretary

Stephen Ruttan, Treasurer

Laura Ono, Training Chair

Louise Mathieu, Director of Studies

Chantal Bergeron, Member at Large

Susannë Brown, Member at Large

Liesha Earle, Member at Large


Louise Mathieu, Diplôme Supérieur & Director of Studies

Cheng-Feng Lin, Diplôme Supérieur & Co-Director of Studies

Françoise Lombard, Diplôme Supérieur

Dalcroze Canada

416 Dundurn Street South

Hamilton, ON L8P 4L7